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PEM BNF Grant Program




The Bulldog Nation Foundation (BNF) Grant Program assists organizations by providing financial support for promoting extracurricular activities, academic programs, and student wellness in the PEM school district.


Submission Requirements:


  1. Printed applications and online applications must be completed and delivered by the 15th of June or December 15th.

  2. Applicants must be willing to volunteer and support BNF events and agree to advertising requests.

  3. Equipment/items purchased with the grant submission must be passed on for the continuing use of the program, organization, or activity.

  4. Request for individualized travel will not be considered.

  5. Application must be for PEM schools activity.  Youth and club sports applications will not be accepted.




  1. Fill out and submit the online application or send the completed and signed pdf application form, along with any additional information that will be needed to either the email or mailing address below. 

  2. Grant requests need to be received by June 15th or December 15th of that year for the PEM BNF’s July and January meetings.

  3. Representatives of the organization, activity, or group maybe asked to attend a meeting to answer questions.

  4. Applications will then be reviewed by the PEM BNF board of directors at the January BNF meeting.

  5. Following our January meeting you will be informed of the level of assistance we are able to grant your request. 

  6. If approved you will be asked to take a photo with a representative from the BNF for promotional purposes.

  7. If approved the funding awarded by BNF will be deposited directly into your organizations account or by reimbursing the school district.  Upon completion of the project, purchase, or activity for which the grant was requested, you must submit a copy of the invoice supporting the monies spent.  Please mail a copy of the invoice to:


PEM Bulldog Nation Foundation

420 7th Street SW

Plainview Mn, 55964


or email a copy of the invoice to

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