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Board of Directors

Heidi Loftus ~ President

 I'm a 2001 graduate of Plainview High School.  I've lived in the community my whole life, mother of three great kids, and have volunteered on numerous boards and fundraising activities for the past 10 years.  I am very proud of our great school system and want to see it continue for generations to come.  

Mark Jurgenson ~ Vice -President

I am a graduate of Plainview of high school.  I moved back to Plainview to raise my family in 1999. My wife is Karen and I have 3 children, Alex, Larissa, and Kali,  that graduated from PEM. All three of them were in sports and involved in school activities.  I am a partner at Dairyland Equipment Services in Plainview.   I am proud to be assocciated with the Bulldog Nation Foundation. We have strong community support for our school related activities and BNF is a very effective way to provide resources to ensure our kids have rewarding experiences.

Warren Zabel ~ Treasurer

I am a 2001 graduate of Plainview high school and have lived in the PEM community my whole life. My wife and I have three boys that are just entering the school system and becoming more involved in activities offered through the school. I became a BNF member because I want to work with a great group of people and be able to help enhance opportunities for our youth and community.

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Heidi Halling ~ Secretary

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Deb Weinrich

I have lived in the PEM community for 22 years.  My husband and I moved here from Rochester because we had a strong desire to raise our 4 kids in small town with a good schools and we were not disappointed. Three of our grown children have made this community their home and I will very soon have grandkids attending PEM schools.  I have enjoyed volunteering in many school and church groups over the years.   I have been involved in BNF since its beginning and so enjoy working with a group of community members who have a shared vision to support extracurricular activities within the PEM school district. 

Ryan King

My family has lived in the PEM community since 2013 and our 4 kids (1 to 8 years old) are beginning to be more involved in all activities at PEM. I have volunteered through various school and church activities and looking forward to more. Bulldog Nation Foundation represents a community coming together, and I am proud to help PEM continue to be a great!

Matt Davidson

I have been active in the PEM community for the last 10 years assisting with a variety of facilities and grounds related projects.  I've had the opportunity to coach a couple of different levels of Baseball and Wrestling for PEM over the last few years and I have two boys that are active in sports at PEM.  I am proud to be involved with the Bulldog Nation Foundation and look forward to the many positive opportunities for us in the future.

Annie Lauber

I grew up in Pine Island, MN but my husband and I have lived in Elgin since 2019. I became a BNF member because I think it's important to support future generations of Bulldogs, which my young son will soon be a part of. I believe in rural communities coming together to support youth extracurricular activities. 

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Annie Rahman

I graduated from PEM in 2012. I was involved in track and field and soccer. My husband and I were raised in this community and are excited for our kids to get involved in activities as they grow. I look forward to giving back to this community that has given me so much. 

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Megan Young

I have lived in the PEM community since 2010.  My husband and I have 3 young children who are just starting to participate in various school activities.  I am excited to be involved with the Bulldog Nation Foundation because it is an amazing organization that provides support to the students and the diverse activities the school has to offer.

Mike Andring

I have lived and taught in the PEM communities since being hired as a mathematics teacher in 1999. I am the head coach of the cross country teams as well as the boys track and field team. My wife, Jess, and I are involved in many activities throughout the community and we have two young children Mallory and Gabriel. I am involved in BNF because I am excited about what a group like BNF can do to enhance the future of our schools and communities!

Nate Pfeilsticker

My wife, Alicia, and I have lived outside of Plainview since 2005.  We have 3 children (Nolan, Evie, and Ike) that are attending PEM.  I have been teaching and coaching at PEM for 15 years. I am the head girls track and field coach,  assistant wrestling coach, and 8th grade football coach. I believe strongly that PEM is a great community to raise our kids.  I am active in our church and community and have been a member of this organization from it's inception.  I am very proud to see how far it has come and how many great people have been here to support it. 

Tera Binner

Heidi Young

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